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Mental Drive with Josh Klapow, Ph. D.

Clinical Psychologist - Performance Coach

Mental Drive with Joshua Klapow, PhD
joshua klapow sports performance coach

Jump start your mental drive to take it to the next level.

Mental Drive with Joshua Klapow, PhD

Featured in Forbes

Elite athletes, executives, investors, and the organizations they are associated with exist in a world where peak performance and transformational impact are the norm.

Dr. Josh Klapow focuses daily on assuring that his clients are receiving his peak performance in order for them to achieve theirs.

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Choose a Coach Carefully

Dr. Josh Klapow works closely with his clients to arm them with the psychological tools that keep them from being thrown off by the fallout that comes with intense pressure.  He gives them the ability to ward off the mental errors, emotionally driven decision making and physiological dysregulation that interfere with peak performance. The result is better decisions and actions at the right time. Klapow’s clients learn to perform in pressure situations from a place of comfort and intentionality versus reactivity and defensiveness.

Take your performance to the next level.

Ready to focus on your mental drive?

“Dr. Josh enlightened me and enhanced all of our product offerings with the use of behavior science."

Sid Stoltz

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He's helped me tap into a whole world of potential that I didn't know existed and bring it to my life  performance".

Diarmuid Horan

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Jan Beger

Dr. Josh Klapow Executive and Corporate Coaching

Dr. Josh Klapow and the Importance of Behavioral Science

Clinical Psychologist - Behavioral Scientist - Media Psychologist - Performance Coach - Adjunct Assoc Professor Public Health

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