• Josh Klapow

A Lovefest Packed Into 1 Hour: The Web Podcast 10-14-17 Hour 3

Pack in the love when you are in the home stretch: Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh talk about their personal lives, the role of men and women in a marriage, #SpiderCracks round 2, why people have affairs, get a visit from Dr. Misty Robertson-Smith to talk about why women cheat, bring you the Michelob Ultra Get Your Sh@^ Together and Make a Decision Tip of the Week, and #SpyStories! Podcast 10-14-17 Hour 3

Listen LIVE to The Web with Tony Kurre and Dr. Josh Klapow as they untangle relationships one strand at a time. For more information check out www.TheWebRadioShow.com.

#whywomencheat #spidercrack #powerandsex #whymenarepigs #TheWebwithTonyKurreandDrJoshKlapow #TheWebRadioShow #WebWisdoms

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