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Eddie, South Park & Societal Unity

From Dr. Josh:

Yeah, I admit it. I get into social media "battles". Tony or my wife often pull me out and remind me that going at someone because I believe they are wrong doesn't typically do much good. I'm not going all political here (promise), but I have been frustrated to see so many of us drawing lines, jumping into camps and claiming not only that we are right but that "they" are wrong. Then Eddie Van Halen died. And you know what happend on social media? All my social media enemies, friends and acquaintances seemed to agree on something. No debates, no questioning motives, no hoaxes or fake news, none of that shit. It was all Eddie. And it wasn't just RIP Eddie Van Halen. It was the accolades. That he was the greatest, the master, the king of guitar. Even the people who may have thought otherwise didn't find the need to come out in protest. Nope- all about Van Halen, shredding guitars, a time many of us remember, and a musical genius who always had an impish grin. Given the fighting, the vitriol, the knee jerk responses on almost any topic on social media these days, it was insane to see no one fighting. The topic of Eddie Van Halen and his music united many in this country at least for a little while.

Interview With WBRC FOX6

Is this the answer to social justice and social unrest? Not even close. But for me it was just a bittersweet break from the crap we all seem to be spewing lately. For at least a few hours we talked rock, guitar solos, and what we remember about our first Van Halen concert, and how amazing Eddie was and how sad we were collectively. Left and right, and center, All colors, all identities. We were for little while united in rock. RIP Eddie Van Halen.

Oh- and South Park nailed it here:

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