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Jan Beger

Dr. Josh Klapow Executive and Corporate Coaching

Jan Berger, CEO Health Intelligence Partners and Past Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer CVS Health.


I have had the opportunity to work with Josh over a number of years. Josh has supported me numerous times through his unique combination of insights and knowledge to address one of the most challenging issues we have in healthcare; engagement.


Health engagement is the glue to consumers and their care givers being active in their own care and all stakeholders achieving the desired goals. He understands human behavior while also being “business pragmatic”. He is my secret sauce. 

Corporate Consulting
Dr. Josh Klapow Corporate Consulting Team Building

Corporate Consulting

Dr. Klapow assists organizations with performance enhancement. Specifically providing support to address performance challenges, employee engagement leadership development, and adaptation to change.  He provides support at the organizational, division and individual level.  Dr. Klapow provides services ranging from written, audio and video content development, to strategic consultation, to individual performance coaching. His understanding of human behavior and behavioral science as it relates to workplace performance position him to serve an in house change management and performance optimization resource working strategically and proactivity as well as in an “on-call” or “just in time” fashion.  For more information, please contact Dr. Josh at (205)222-5353 or email


  Dr Josh’s audiences use social media to communicate, educate, discover and grow.  @drjoshk is a place for discussion and connection as well as for the exploration of new possibilities and directions.  Dr. Josh and his loyal following are an effective platform for your brand or product to be organically placed in front of your select audiences.  For more information, please contact Dr. Josh at (205) 222-5353 or email him at  

Marble Surface
Dr. Josh Klapow Clinical Psychologist

Individual Services

Dr. Klapow provides individualized coaching services for a wide variety of life goals. He has been recognized  as one of the top performance coaches in the country. He is frequently called on contribute to articles on lifestyle and life optimization. From changes in diet, exercise, stress reduction to work performance optimization, to personal life improvement, Dr. Klapow can design a tailored program for you.  His clients have direct and open access to him and each client’s program is designed to meet his/her schedule and goals.  For more information about Performance Optimization see this brief.  

Dr. Josh Klapow Clinical Psychologist

Executive Performance Coaching


Executive performance coaching focuses on helping individuals develop, refine and better leverage key strategies for achieving personal and business success.   From leadership skills, to interpersonal communication strategies, to conflict management, to time management, executive performance coaching provides support for furthering your career related effectiveness and fulfillment. See Dr. Klapow's "Leadership Insights" video series. 

Transitional and

Crisis Management


Life transitions and crises place enormous short term stress on individuals and can often lead to long-term damage.  Transition and crisis management services are designed to help individuals navigate difficult, painful and stressful situations in a way that minimizes unnecessary stress, sustains functioning and productivity, and maximizes successful psychological and functional outcomes.


Performance Coaching

Performance coaching is designed to help athletes thrive. Dr. Klapow integrates the principles of behavioral science into an overall program for the development of cognitive, emotional and behavioral techniques that can be applied to enhance any athletes overall performance.  From injury rehabilitation, to breaking through performance barriers, to managing transitions to next level competition, Dr. Klapow works with athletes to assure their sports and life performance is optimal..  See Dr. Klapow's video series "The Psychology of Being a Great Athlete".

Sports Performance Coaching

Athletes and Mental Health:
National Champions (2021 & 2022)

Dr. Josh Klapow Sports Performance Coaching

Nicole Nourse and Audrey Nourse. 

University of Southern California  Beach Volleyball Team

To be at the top of your game, you have to demonstrate strength, grit, and mental toughness.  That comes with hard physical work, but also honing your mental skills with just as much effort. I am so grateful to be a part of the journey Nicole and Audrey are on.  As they continue to play for USC Women's Beach Volleyball, the challenges will keep coming.  Their willingness to embrace and discuss the role psychology plays in their game is a testament to their confidence and understanding of what it means to be an elite athlete. No matter how physically talented an athlete is, they will never reach their potential until they have the courage to go deep into the psychological part of their game.  Nic and Audrey with my support have done just that. 

Dr. Josh Klapow Clinical Psychologist

The voice of
behavioral science for over 20 years.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Klapow is a skilled and dynamic speaker who can translate science into practical, engaging information for your audience.  He can speak on a wide variety of topics including the role of behavioral science in enhancing everyday life, behavioral science and health engagement, crisis communication and crisis intervention, psychological first aid, and intimacy and the role of communication.  For more information, please contact Dr. Josh at (205) 222-5353 or email him at  



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Children’s Hospital of Alabama


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Public Health

*The World Health Organization

Case Manager Association of America

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*The Smithsonian Institute

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Greenlight Digital

I’m Changing the Narrative Organization

Dr. Josh Klapow Clinical Psychologist

The myriad of books and programs that encourage people to stop smoking, get organized, spend less, or exercise more tend to focus on what or why to change, but rarely explain how to change. Living SMART provides this missing piece. 

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