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"We all need help from time to time navigating our life path.  Having a guide is not always necessary, but it can make the journey more fulfilling and meaningful." 

 -Dr. Josh Klapow

It’s what we do or don’t do every day. That’s what impacts our lives more than anything else. The small decisions, actions, and interactions often can have an enormous cumulative effect.

Would you like to optimize your performance or the performance of your employees?


Jan Berger, CEO Health Intelligence Partners and Past Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer CVS Health.


I have had the opportunity to work with Josh over a number of years. Josh has supported me numerous times through his unique combination of insights and knowledge to address one of the most challenging issues we have in healthcare; engagement.


Health engagement is the glue to consumers and their care givers being active in their own care and all stakeholders achieving the desired goals. He understands human behavior while also being “business pragmatic”. He is my secret sauce. 


Jan Beger

Dr. Josh Klapow Executive and Corporate Coaching

Is coaching right for you?
Choose a coach very carefully...

Clinical Psychologist - Behavioral Scientist - Media Psychologist - Performance Coach - Adjunct Assoc Professor Public Health

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