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“We are living in an unprecedented time. The COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting every aspect of our lives. We are learning to adapt to rapid changes, rapid restrictions, new ways of working, playing, learning and living. Large, sweeping changes that happen over an extended period of time can make people very distressed.  It’s not always stress or anxiety, but sometimes just a feeling of being lost and uncertain about the future. This page is dedicated to helping with the transitions, the changes, the emotions, the challenges we face as people. On this page you will find articles and short video tips on topics including: how to talk with your kids, how to manage time and productivity, how to cope with feelings of anxiety, distress, and depression.  Even ways to help your pets. Fighting this pandemic means learning how to adapt to change. The pandemic will hopefully soon subside. Until then, I will keep adding content to help in any way I can. As we have heard and as we should remember. We are in this together. “





Behavioral Scientist
Performance Coach
Adjunct Assoc. Professor of Public Health
Media Psychologist

Tips, thoughts, strategies to manage life during the pandemic.